Oxygen and carbon gas sensor

The measurement of the oxygen concentration within the packaging is done by a contactless non-intrusive laser gas sensor.

The utilized sensing method is the Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS). TDLAS is a well-known optical method to measure gas absorption with great sensitivity and accuracy.

• The sensors can operate on packaging units (containers, bags, cups etc.) whose optical properties varies from the high transparency, which enables viewing of packed products, to almost opaque walls, which screen the content from the day light.

• The calibration procedure is essential for laser-based sensor technologies and affects the obtained data rather than the performance of the equipment. Due to different light scattering and absorption properties of the packaging materials and geometrical shapes it is necessary to re-calibrate when the type of packaging sample is changed.

1.Carbon dioxide GPX/NEO sensor (transmitter)
2.Oxygen GPX/NEO sensor (transmitter)

1.Carbon dioxide GPX/NEO sensor (transmitter)
2.Carbon dioxide GPX/NEO sensor (receiver)
3.Oxygen GPX/NEO sensor (transmitter)
4.Oxygen GPX/NEO sensor (receiver)
5.Lasers sensors reading line