Sagetypack for Santa Maria

The Safetypack system is integrated to a demonstration line at Santa Maria, Sweden. The product to inspect is tortilla bread packed in an coloured bag flushed with carbon dioxide and nitrogen gas for controllable gas mixture.

The line consist of a product handling system to prepare the products for gas measurement by creating a controllable headspace inside the packaging.
The gas monitoring is made by a gas sensors, measuring in-line non-intrusively the oxygen and carbon dioxide content inside the product packaging. Non-compliance products is ejected. The system also contain an optional sampling system for off-line mode.


1.Product to be inspected
2.Product handling (headspace creation area)
3.Safetypack measuring head (oxygen sensor)
4.Safetypack measuring head (carbon dioxide sensor)
5.Ejection of non-compliant products
6.Machine control system